How it Works

  • Budget

Before you book your dog photography session, it’s important to decide on a budget. Your booking fee covers my time spent photographing and getting your pictures ready to proof, and a portion of your booking fee is applied as a product credit toward purchases of your final products, including digital images. After you’ve seen your pictures, you decide what products you want to order. Some people are only interested in low-resolution digital images to share on social media, which are included for free with a small watermark. Most people, however, order anything from a couple of budget prints to frame themselves to a collection of fine artwork to display at the office or around their home.

Your first step is to look over my pricing and develop an idea of what your budget will be. Whether you budget $200 or $2500, this gives you an idea of the type of art you’ll want and also the kinds of shots we need to be after while we’re out there. Someone who wants a group of 3 portraits will want different types of pictures than someone who wants a series of action shots or funny faces.

Dog picture of Boston Terrier Puppy Running at Liberty Lake Park
Sadie, the Smiling Australian Shepherd puppy in the forest near Bowl and Pitcher at Riverside State Park in North Spokane Washington
  • Schedule your session

After you’ve decided what kinds of photographs you want and how you plan on showing them off, I invite you to schedule a session. I book anytime on weekends (morning and afternoons/evenings are best), and weeknights after 4:30 PM. Get in touch with me through my contact form and we’ll decide on a date and time. I’ve got a handful of favorite locations in the Spokane Valley, Post Falls, and Coeur d’Alene, but I’m come to your favorite spot too. I don’t photograph in the rain, only because my camera gear isn’t 100% waterproof, but otherwise I don’t balk at bad weather. If we need to reschedule, I don’t charge an extra fee.

  • Get ready

Once we agree on a date, time, and location, I’ll send you a guide on how to get ready for our session. I come ready with a few tricks to get your dogs’ attention, but I also have a few things that I ask you to bring – treats, favorite toys, etc. I include some grooming and other tips that will take you just a few minutes before we meet for our shoot that help us get the best pictures out of our dog photography session.

Whippet not a Greyhound dog running in the park near Liberty Lake Washington
Sadie the Border Collie Dog jumping over a rock at Dishman Hills Natural Area in Spokane Valley, Washington
  • Picture time!

Whether you want most of your dog pictures to be action shots or portraits, we usually start with some running to get your dogs comfortable with the environment and, eventually, a little tired out. We’re all out there to have fun and there’s nothing about this shoot that needs to be stressful. If we need to take some time with your dog to get them comfortable with my camera, it doesn’t ever take long – I’ve never met a dog that didn’t like me! If you bring more than one dog, it’s best if you can have a second person come along to help out.

I have as much fun as you and your dogs – there’s nothing like seeing the perfect action shot the instant I capture it. We’ll review our shots as we go to make sure we’re getting the kids of shots you’re hoping for.

  • Watch for sneak peeks

After our session, I sift through all of our photographs to find the best of the best. It takes hours! During my editing process, I’ll post sneak peeks to Facebook and Instagram – make sure to follow me so you don’t miss these. Once I’m done with this, I’ll post an album to Faceook – I recommend not sharing sneak peaks to your page and waiting to share the big album reveal with your friends.

Rescue Australian Shepherd posing in the park. Canon Hill Park Spokane Washington Near Manito
Milton the cute canine at Holberg Park near Country Homes in Spokane Washington
  • Choose your favorites

Once I’m done with initial processing of your images, I upload them to an online gallery. From here, you can proof your pictures and pick your favorites. If you’re interested in large artwork like canvases, metal prints, or acrylic blocks, these take me extra time to create – you tell me which pictures you want, and I get to work doing the heavier editing on them so they’ll look amazing.

If you want budget prints or digital downloads, you can buy these directly from the gallery. You’ll be able to download your files instantly, and prints ship within 2 business days directly from my printing partner.

  • Place your order / request a quote

I offer so many products that it would be too overwhelming to list prices for each of them. I work with several online vendors and I can order anything and everything – whether it’s a wall-sized canvas, a holiday card, a coffee mug, or a pair of socks with your dog printed on them, I can make it happen. I list my most popular products along with a few prices to give you a ballpark. Feel free to ask me for prices on anything at any time, even before you choose to book with me.

Turn-around time for most of this work is about 2-3 weeks. If able, I can arrange to have it delivered directly to an address of your choice, or I can hand-deliver it to you.

Max, the pit bull mix dog, ears up and smiling at Dishman Hills in the Spokane Valley, Washington